To Celebrate Our 10 Year Anniversary We Are Thrilled to Announce the

BeMindful Innovators Fund

We know this work takes a village. Over the past 10 years, we have had the honor of collaborating with incredible people, without whom our success would have been impossible! We also know all too well that getting funds for either instructor training and development of instructors, or the creation and implementation of mindfulness-based courses, is extremely challenging. We want to help change that by providing much needed resources to support the amazing INNOVATORS around the world doing this work. We want to BUILD a village, and our hope is The BeMindful Innovators Fund will do just that!

Option#1: Are you looking to deepen your knowledge of mindfulness and applied neuroscience in an effort to advance your skills as an instructor, and bring this knowledge into your community, but are in need of some financial assistance? Be Mindful is here to help support your dreams!

Option #2: Are you currently putting together an in-person or online course that contributes to any or all of Be Mindful’s three aims, and are needing a sponsor? Be Mindful is here to help make this a reality!