Our Why

"Our mission is to provide individuals; particularly those in underserved communities, with access to qualified instructor-led courses in mindfulness; encourage diversity and inclusion while mentoring teachers within these communities and contribute valuable research to the study of mindfulness."

We have had the privilege of serving over 175,000 students in more than a dozen countries.

We have mentored students into teachers leading their own communities.

​We have engaged in 10 qualified research studies, resulting in a number of publications and presentations, in partnership with top universities and organizations around the world.

At BeMindful, our mission is to provide communities (regardless of their resources), with access to high quality courses that leverage the benefits of applied neuroscience and mindfulness practices. Our three aims are:

1.Educate and inspire engagement in mindfulness and applied neuroscience practices to improve quality of life.

2.Expand diversity within the mindfulness community.

3.Contribute valuable research to the fields of applied neuroscience and mindfulness.

BeMindful A.I.D.E. Model

Assess – Individualize – Deliver – Evaluate

Assess – We always meet with clients to assess their needs in order to develop customized programs for individuals in the community being served.
Individualize – We embrace diversity in various researched-backed curricula to create courses that are designed to custom fit a client’s individual need.
Deliver – Research shows the quality of the instructor is vital to the impact and sustainability of mindfulness training. We employ highly qualified instructors trained in decades of personal practice and multiple modalities to deliver customized mindfulness programs.
Evaluate – We will consistently engage in objectively evaluating all of our programs. To ensure the highest levels of efficacy and objectivity we have established partnerships with Universities to evaluate both the effectiveness of mindfulness as well as our programs.

The 3 Pillars of BeMindful Teaching:

Science, Practice & Integration



We always begin with neuroscience. Our mind and body are intimately connected and understanding these processes deepens engagement in neuro-restorative mindfulness practices.



We teach engaging exercises easily woven into daily life. Teaching how to train their neural pathways to develop positive habits to benefit their overall health and wellness.



Mindfulness is a way of being it is not just another activity to pencil time in for each day or week. It is the recognition of the interconnection and interdependence of all life and choosing to engage in the world mindfully with empathy, kindness, and compassion in everything you do in every moment you experience.