Corporate Performance

Boosting performance, resilience and reliability

Mindfulness corporate operations provides evidence-based benefits throughout the organization, and contributes directly to the the bottom line.

Organization-wide, mindfulness unlocks the skills that lead to corporate reliability and resilience; helps front-line employees identify problems faster, middle-management communicate better, and top executives deepen their leadership and strategy skills.
Individually, mindfulness helps everyone in the organization manage stress, focus longer, regulate their emotions, and communicate better in teams.

These are critical benefits at a time when corporate attrition is rising year-to-year. Employees don’t feel valued, and they don’t like corporate culture.

Mindfulness changes that.

When you look at the difference having a mindful staff makes, the statistics are surprising:

  • 50% decrease in burnout
  • 46% reduction in turnover
  • 43% decrease in healthcare utilization
  • 19% less sick days
  • 50% decrease in high-stress related incidents
  • 15% increase in work engagement
  • 62 minutes per-week in productivity gains
  • $22,580 total potential savings in productivity and healthcare utilization, per employee, before cost of turnover savings!

Besides these human resource benefits, our diagnostic tools can help identify the places in your operations that would benefit most from mindfulness practices that scale across the organization, and will then customize a program especially for your organization.

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