First Responders

When trauma is your job

Our custom curriculum for first responders presents the science, practice and extension of mindfulness, especially as applied to acute and chronic stress, multi-tasking, addiction and compassion fatigue.

Our training approach includes neuro-restorative exercises that control startle responses, and improve communication, morale, group cohesiveness, efficiency, productivity and overall wellness. 

Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of mindfulness-based training for law enforcement officers, fire departments and emergency medical services personnel across the country.

We have worked with the Denver 911 Communications Center since January 2017.  The 911 team works in partnership with Denver Police, Fire and Health Paramedics to ensure the safety and quality of life for residents, businesses and visitors in the City and County of Denver.

Download our informational brochure for our first responder programs. 

Listen to our Aug 2018 session with Denver 911 and The Police Foundation on our program at Denver 911 here. (Free for APCO members!)

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