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What Schools are Saying
  • I have changed a lot and it is all because you have taught me to release dopamine. You have helped me change. Thank you so much!
  • Thank you for all of the stuff you have done for us. This is coming from the bottom of my heart Mindfulness has changed my life a lot.
  • It helps me not fight or get angry. It helps me when I have asthma.
  • It has made my life more happy and calmer.
  • I learned how important it is to do nice things for someone for no particular reason.
  • I closed my eyes and took a big deep breathe and did not hit the kid who tested me.
  • I don't say mean words when I get mad.
What Homeless Youth are Saying
  • If I never learned about mindfulness, I’m sure I would be dead by now because I allowed so many self-loathing thoughts to take over who I was as a person. Mindfulness is such a simple technique and I truly believe it needs to be taught to everyone especially kids at an early age. If people could dedicate a few minutes out of their day to practice mindfulness, I can only imagine the greatness that would come of it. I give many thanks to Anne Marie for showing me that there’s another way to live and be happy. -Teszra Wheeler
  • Mindfulness is the perfect exercise for the poor man to find inner treasure and the rich man’s reminder to keep himself humble and grateful. It helped me find my calm in the middle of my storms by teaching me how to quiet my mind but amplify my heart. – James Adams
What Parents, Teachers, and the Community are Saying

Morey Middle School “Students showed improvement in grades attendance and interpersonal relationships,”…”The more I saw mindfulness in action, the more I thought it should be used campus-wide.” – Noah Tonk, Principal Morey Middle School

Jefferson County School District GT Teachers Workshop “This is one of the most impactful things that I have ever experienced! I am so excited to take what I have learned and incorporate it into my own life! Thank you!!” - GT Teacher, Jefferson County School District

Be Mindful’s curriculum has—without a doubt—powerfully impacted my students. Not only did my students cultivate skillsets for mindful breathing and de-escalation, but they also expanded their consciousness and developed a wider lens for the world around them. After learning mindful breathing techniques, some students stated that they practice mindful breathing at home in order to go to bed, to calm down, to bring themselves out of depression, etc. Students—particularly students with emotional and behavioral problems—need to learn and practice mindfulness techniques in order to thrive in school, at home, and in the world at large. These are essential skills that we cannot afford to ignore.
- 6th and 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher at Morey Middle School

As a whole, I have found that my class is better able to focus on classwork and learn the material I am teaching. We do a great deal of testing in the fourth grade. I have seen significant improvements in both the reading and math scores. I not only feel that Mindfulness has created more teaching time, I also feel that the students are better able to focus during the time we have. - 4th Grade Teacher DPS

I strongly recommend the Be Mindful program to anyone that is trying to educate themselves and are searching to improve their lives. - Parent

You inspire me to be a better person! Without you I would still be lost, so thank you for everything you do! - Jennifer R.

What Nonprofits are Saying

It has drastically changed the way I work with clients, as well as take care of myself.  We at Urban Peak will never be able to fully thank AnneMarie and the Be Mindful organization.  Thank you!

- Kelsey Antun, Lead Life Skills Counselor, Urban Peak Drop In Center

The youth at Covenant house Missouri have progressed remarkably in the areas of focusing in the classroom, handling anger by learning to calm down, and making better choices in efforts to avoid fighting and arguing. – Kristy Blakley, Life Skills Coordinator, Covenant House Missouri

Be Mindful finished a 4 week course of mindfulness classes with the youth from two Urban Peak housing programs. The youth in these programs struggle with serious mental illness and/or substance abuse issues and are typically resistant to attending and participating in classes. However, attendance was perfect in the mindfulness classes. The youth were engaged, have talked about how the skills have helped them outside of class and asked if AnneMarie could keep coming to teach the class. I could share many other stories about conversations I have had with youth in which they have called on the skills they learned to help them manage their stressors and emotions. Having listened to the youth and the staff talk about the impact of the classes, I am hoping to provide the opportunity for all youth to participate in mindfulness on an on-going basis. – Kendal Rames, MA, LPC, Deputy Director/Director of Programs, Urban Peak Denver

What Corporations are Saying

Fantastic speaker! So happy to have brought AnneMarie to our event in Rio! The only thing we would change is to make this organization more visible to the corporate world! – Johnson & Johnson

Welcoming AnneMarie into our store meeting with 180 of our store associates was one of the best decisions that we have made as a leadership team. AnneMarie delivered a speech about gratitude and taught our associates how to practice mindfulness in the aisles of our store. In the 30 minutes that she had to speak to our associates, she kept the full attention of all associates and explained mindfulness in terms that anyone could understand. Our associates range in age from 16-80 years of age and she had every associate fully engaged in learning how to practice mindfulness. She created a program of gratitude and left us a gratitude box for associates to take the time to show gratitude for one another. The management team read submissions to the gratitude box in the opening and closing meetings.

This gratitude box and mindfulness program completely changed the mentality of our store. For the first time in years, associates were actually taking the time to appreciate one another, which improved their attitudes and levels of customer service. Since we have implemented mindfulness in our store we have seen amazing results in our associate’s happiness level and our customer’s satisfaction levels. We have had the highest voice of the customer scores, which is a survey taken by our customers, that our store has ever seen. We have also had associates state that “Mindfulness is
the best practice and skill that they have learned in their 30 years with the company.” I can attest that teaching your associates mindfulness will not only improve morale in the work place, but it will also improve your customer care levels of service.

It has been only a few months since we had the pleasure of welcoming AnneMarie into our store and we now have the best reputation in the district and have associates asking to transfer into our store to be a part of our team. - Home Depot Store #1517