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Be Mindful’s goal is to improve access to mindfulness instruction for all. We work closely with homeless shelters, shelters for abused women and children, community centers in low-income areas, veterans, and first responders (to name a few).

A Partnership With the Community

Our corporate clients, after completing a Be Mindful program, partner with local non-profits to provide mindfulness education to high-need, underserved communities. In this way, companies are not just improving employee wellbeing, but contributing to the community as a whole. This is both socially positive and encourages good business practices.

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Our Clients
What They Are Saying About Be Mindful

“The youth from Urban Peak struggle with serious mental illness and/or substance abuse issues and are typically resistant to attending and participating in classes. However, attenance was perfect in the mindfulness classes, the youth were engaged, have talked about how the skills have helped them outside of class to manage their stressors and emotions.”

– Kendall J. Rames, MA, LPC, Deputy Director, Urban Peak Denver

“So many of the youth I see every day tell me how they were able to practice mindfulness and deal with a situation they didn’t know how to deal with before.  They’re working through extreme trauma, anger, sadness, and death….It has drastically changed the way I work with clients, as well as take care of myself.  We at Urban Peak will never be able to fully thank AnneMarie and the Be Mindful organization.  Thank you!”

- Kelsey Antun, Lead Life Skills Counselor, Urban Peak Drop In Center

”The youth at Covenant house Missouri have progressed remarkably in the areas of focusing in the classroom, handling anger by learning to calm down, and making better choices in efforts to avoid fighting and arguing.”

– Ms. Kristy Blakley, Covenant House Missouri