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Why Do Kids Need Mindfulness?
The American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes schools as the largest provider of behavioral & mental health services for children in our country.
The Effects of Social Emotional Learning (SEL):
  • 23% increase in skills
  • 9% improvement in attitudes about self, others, and school
  • 9% improvement in prosocial behavior
  • 9% reduction in problem behaviors
  • 10% reduction in emotional distress
  • 11% increase in standardized test scores (math and reading)
Why Be Mindful?

We embrace diversity in various researched-backed curricula to create courses that are designed to custom fit a client’s individual need.

Researchers, practitioners, and teachers agree that the quality of the instructor is paramount to the success of the intervention. Our instructors are highly qualified individuals with decades of personal practice and trained in multiple modalities.

Overall employee health and wellness can create a healthier environment in the workplace, decrease employee health care expenses, and positively affect the community as a whole.

We have a unique way of tracking ongoing practice and outcome that is easy and accessible to all trainees to insure the success of the program. Trainees are rewarded for practice and tracking participation is easy.

Our programs have a 30% to 50% higher success rate than other mindfulness programs.

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Evaluation and Results

We systematically evaluate the progress of our programs via teacher observation, questionnaires, interviews, self-reports and quantitative outcomes, such as changes in students' performance, both academically and socially.

Our Clients and What They Are Saying About Be Mindful

“Students showed improvement in grades attendance and interpersonal relationships…The more I saw mindfulness in action, the more I thought it should be used campus-wide.”

– Noah Tonk, Principal Morey Middle School

“This is one of the most impactful things that I have ever experienced! I am so excited to take what I have learned and incorporate it into my own life! Thank you!!J”

- GT Teacher, Jefferson County School District

What Students Are Saying About Be Mindful
  • I have changed a lot and it is all because you have taught me to release dopamine. You have helped me change. Thank you so much!
  • Thank you for all of the stuff you have done for us. This is coming from the bottom of my heart Mindfulness has changed my life a lot.
  • It helps me not fight or get angry. It helps me when I have asthma.
  • It has made my life more happy and calmer.
  • Mindfulness has changed our class if you did never come in our class would have so many fights.
  • My favorite part was leaning about neurotransmitters.
  • Mindfulness helped me when I got angry at my sisters….I wantd to push her but I didn’t because I took some breaths.
  • I learned how important it is to do nice things for someone for no particular reason.
  • I closed my eyes and took a big deep breathe and did not hit the kid who tested me.
  • I don't say mean words when I get mad.
  • I like how you can learn about your brain to calm down and be a little more nicer.
  • I like living in a world where I'm calm.

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