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A Partnership With You

We recognize that the majority of working adults’ lives are spent at their places of employment. Our Corporate Programs offer training to decrease stress, burnout, and sick days as well as increase worker engagement, satisfaction, productivity and wellness. Our programs include: introductory workshops, customized coaching, individual group classes and multi-week courses. 

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A Partnership With the Community

After completing a program with us, our corporate clients then partner with local nonprofits to provide mindfulness education to high need, underserved communities. In this way, companies are not just improving employee wellbeing, but contributing to the community as a whole. This is not only socially just, it’s good business.

There exists thousands of research studies conducted at every major university in the world supporting the efficacy of mindfulness practice.


Healthcare Effects
  • 46% Reduction in employee turnover
  • 19% (6 days) Decrease sick days
  • 20% Potential increase in worker productivity
  • Employees trained in mindfulness gained 62 minutes per week in productivity worth $3,000 per employee per year (dependent upon salary)
Did You Know

Workplace wellness programs such as healthy eating, weight management, substance abuse and smoking cessation programs are not as effective if the underlying issues of emotional regulation are not addressed. Adults today know the risks of diabetes and tobacco use and yet they still eat poorly, do not exercise and smoke. These issues are rooted in an inability to engage in impulse control and are normally associated with stress management and emotionality.  

Mindfulness is not an individual sport. Alongside empathy, compassion, gratitude, generosity, kindness and compassion, the effect of mindfulness in the individual always reaches beyond to their families, their organization and their community as a whole.

Millennials are projected to make up 50 percent of the workforce by 2020. Marketing research shows that they are committed to social responsibility in the workplace and are more likely to choose a product or service, regardless of cost,  when they know the organization supports good causes.

Our Clients and What They Are Saying About Be Mindful

Fantastic speaker! So happy to have brought AnneMarie to our event in Rio! The only thing we would change is to make this organization more visible to the corporate world!

– Johnson & Johnson