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Backgrounder on BeMindful Instructors

We are always looking for highly-qualified mindfulness instructors with an appetite for excellence. 

Please review our hiring criteria and FAQ, below. If you are interested in working with Be Mindful, please submit a resume or CV and a cover letter to

Required Instructor Qualifications:

  1. Minimum of one (preferably 3+) years personal mindfulness practice.

  2. Training in a minimum of two of the following mindfulness courses:
    (Note, hyperlinks are to suggested courses. However, we accept training from other sources than those suggested here. Please fill out the details for where you received your training on our course application).

3. Applicants must own a copy of MindUP Curriculum Grades 6-8 and be well versed in the science lessons (neurons, the brain, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, etc.)


What exactly does Be Mindful offer in the way of assistance/support if we decide to contract with the organization or if we decide to go on our own?

  1. You will be part of a 501©3 organization. It can take years and hundreds of dollars to get a nonprofit status with the IRS. Being part of a nonprofit allows for more funding opportunities where as it can be impossible to get a grant for a for-profit business.
  2. You will have nationally recognized branding, marketing and website for your business. This will cost you $10,000- $25,000 to have this professionally created if you go out and do this on your own.
  3. Instead of being a one-man band, you get a group of highly qualified and experienced mindfulness instructors and researchers that will assist you in getting the clients you desire with the tools to implement and evaluate impactful and sustainable programs.
  4. We will provide you with tools to pitch your programs to potential clients.
  5. You will get assistance with curriculum development to custom design curriculum that will best fit the need of each individual client.
  6. You will also get assistance with pre and post evaluations for each of your programs to evaluate and improve your classes.

Note: In all items above, “assistance” means we work with you to put these things together. It is still a contractor’s job to find clients and be involved in the creation and implementation of every project from start to finish.

Is “curriculum” developed for a corporation like it is for schools?

All of our programs are custom-tailored to fit the needs of every client. Our programs for schools look different than our programs for first responders, pilots, corporations, and nonprofits. They also look different within each community we serve. For example, not all of our youth programs look the same - Our suburban school programs look different than our inner city schools for the same grade, which differ from our work with homeless youth.

If we are a contracted instructor with Be Mindful, are we permitted to do other training?
(i.e., if the company asked for yoga or a communication workshop, etc.)

You are permitted to do so as long as it is not in direct competition with Be Mindful. Yoga is one of many different ways to practice mindfulness; however, it is not mindfulness itself. Therefore, it would not be in direct competition. Be Mindful instructors are not permitted to use any of our intellectual property for programs outside of Be Mindful. We are happy to provide you with a copy of the Be Mindful Independent Contractor Agreement for your review. 

Once trained, is there an opportunity to work with other independent contractors or on projects Be Mindful has going where additional instructors might be needed? If so, how would this work?

There may be opportunities for instructors to work on existing contracts. However, this will vary depending on which contracts we are working on and/or if there are any contracts in your area. It is important to understand you are an “Independent Contractor” and not an “Employee." The system is not set up so that we go out and get you work and call you to teach when we have lined it up for you. This is starting your own business and getting clients you want with support of our team. However, the clients you work with will be those of Be Mindful. This means you will not be able to contract with them outside of our organization. As a contractor, you will get compensated upon the close of any contract for: business development, curriculum development and/or teaching time. Please note, Be Mindful pays our contractors on the highest end of the spectrum for the national standards for compensation of these positions within a nonprofit. You will find these compensation ranges in our Independent Contractor Agreement.

How long does it take to create curriculum for a school?

Curriculum development takes about 1 – 3 months for most of our programs. However, for some communities it could take longer. For example, our work with airline pilots took over 6 months to develop because there was extensive research to understand FAA regulations, flightpath standards, startle response, simulation training, etc. Likewise, our training with neurosurgeons that will are the process of developing, will take extensive research to understand the full needs of that community.

Who actually goes into the school and teaches?

You do if you are the instructor or if you are a director then you will assign someone on your team from your region. Note: Anyone that is on your team must be contracted with Be Mindful before they are able to teach.

With Be Mindful school programs, who is being taught – the teachers or the students?

Be Mindful will not do a “train the trainer model” for teachers to teach mindfulness in their classroom.  Research shows this is not an effective model (see this on our website under “Why Be Mindful”). Our typical program consists of an 8 week program for students as well as a workshop and weekly instructions for teachers to engage in exercises for their own personal practice. Additional support is provided for parents.

If we are teaching at a school, how long would we be there (thinking about travel, etc.)?  It seems hard to understand how 1 person could teach all classes and grades in a district.

Our typical school program runs 8 classes, once a week for 8 weeks. It would be impossible to teach a whole district with only 1 teacher. It is likely you will need 2-3 teachers to teach just 1 full school program. You should look at starting off trying to teach 1 full school program and expanding from there. Once you are ready to expand, look to recruit people that are trained in mindfulness in your area. If contracted with Be Mindful, any recruits you would bring in would have to go through Be Mindful instructor training.

There has been some controversy in many districts related to spiritualism and mindfulness. Has your organization experienced this and how was it handled?

Many people find mindfulness through spiritual practice. However, it is important to understand mindfulness does not have to be spiritual nor is it a religion, although you can find references to it that go back thousands of years in historical documents of major religions all around the world. Today, research has and continues to help us understand the science behind the practice. If Be Mindful is to stay true to our mission to make mindfulness “accessible to the masses”, it is imperative that we detach ANY religious philosophies to the practice. As a Be Mindful representative, it is essential that you do not express any religious and/or spiritual belief to any lessons being taught through our organization. Any instructor who is incapable of this, will find a termination of their contract with Be Mindful.